The 19th Street Band – Diamond In The Rough



Characterised by high energy and strong vocal harmonies The 19th Street Band bring together a mix of Americana, Country and rock. The band, comprise of Caolaidhe Davis on guitar and vocals, fiddle and mandolin player, Meghan Davis together with Greg Hardin on bass and Patty Dougherty on drums. Within their music they also bring traditions of bluegrass to the listener. Included on this album are nine tracks which are a diverse mix of varied tempos with strong harmonies which they have perfected beautifully.
We begin this collection with the foot stomping I Just Had To Say and the vibe continues, highlighting some fabulous fiddle and mandolin playing which, for me, is a recipe for success. Other tracks include Nothing To Do (All Day To Do It), 
Firefly, Away From Our Happy Home, True Love and Your Love Is Like The Lone Ranger. Standout tracks are Hillbilly Boy, The Cajun Rock And Roll Stanza and the last track, I’ve Been Waiting.

I would think the more you listen to this album the more you will like what is on offer.